Thursday, February 01, 2007

Prepared and pierced

Prepared and pierced Prepared and pierced
You certainly see this strapon rising from my crotch as a menacing weapon. And you surely know what is about to follow. But before your soaked slit gets drilled by me, the penetrating Mistress, I'll warm you up with a thorough lashing all over your hot body.
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Thursday, January 25, 2007

Hole-eating in suspension

Hole-eating in suspension Hole-eating in suspension
With your hands fastened above your head and legs spread wide, you are in the perfect position for some close-contact fun. You are equally helpless and accessible – and by the juice your pussy starts producing I can see that this is a turn-on for you. I'll eat your hole hard while you can't move any of your limbs!
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Tuesday, January 16, 2007

A love affair of submission

A love affair of submission A love affair of submission
Let us play a game of romance. I will be a powerful Victorian lady, and you'll be a subservient made secretly in love with your mistress. I meet you, teach you some discipline with steel chains, make you fall on your knees and eat my pussy from below. You moan, swallowing every drop of my royal liquids.
A love affair of submission

Thursday, January 04, 2007

Hands lifted, nipples punishd - In femdom,

Hands lifted, nipples punishd Hands lifted, nipples punishd
It is so strikingly erotic when a girl lifts her hands all the way up. The muscles in her body work in such a way that her breasts acquire a perfectly natural and exciting shape, very tight and round. You can't but get attracted to the budding nipples then – and this is exactly what I did here, treating them to cold bites of hard steel.
Slave girls should make one thing clear – the mistress is always right no matter how humiliating and naughty her orders might be.

Friday, December 22, 2006

Lesbian Domination Games

Welcome to "Lesbian Domination Games"! If you enjoy watching helpless female slaves undressed, bound and abused by their twisted lesbian mistresses (because woman knows better how to make other woman feel pain, pleasure and shame) you will like pics on this site. These two slavegirls are both gorgeous and start the scene wearing sexy pieces of clothing, only to become totally naked and then and abused and humiliated in next few minutes. Enjoy these great pics and join (where these fantastic photos come from) for highest quality exclusive lezdom pictures and videos!
Lesbian Domination Games Lesbian Domination Games
My mistress wanted to see me masturbating with her dildo. I willingly began doing it, but still I thought that had no right to show my true emotions in the presence of my dear mistress. I didn't have the right to squeal. But she decided that I wasn't emotional enough and started pouring boiling wax down my body. I yelled wildly because my entire body was in terrible heat. But thanks to the heat I managed to cum like a storm. My mistress is sure wise.
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Thursday, December 21, 2006

Caged Slave Girls

Welcome to "Caged Slave Girls"! If you enjoy watching as one beautiful babe dominates, humiliates and hurts another, you will like these pics. These cruel lesbian dominatrixes sure know how to make their slavegirls feel pleasure, shame and pain - all at the same time! Enjoy the photos and if you crave more lesbian domination, join - nothing but quality exclusive lezdom pics and videos!
Caged Slave Girls Caged Slave Girls
My bunny turned out to be an extreme one. After all, I'm right because I don't think that you could jump like my bunny here with a 200gr weight on your genitals. But she could and I really think that you can do the same thing. After all there would be no escape for you slave!
Slave girls should make one thing clear – the mistress is always right no matter how humiliating and naughty her orders might be.

Sunday, December 10, 2006

Wax Torturing

Wax Torturing Wax Torturing
I'll pour some wax into the slut's anus, vagina and into her dirty mouth. This will teach her to respect her Mistress for a very long time.
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Sunday, December 03, 2006

Today I Got Spanked

My mistress was sure on fire today. Yes, I do realize that it’s been a week since she last played her dirty sadistic games with me, but honestly I never saw her getting this wild with me before. She used to be just a little bit tender earlier, but today it was all about domination and pain...

I don't even know for what and I didn't dare asking my mistress about it. I have no right to open my mouth and to ask any questions. No, I was just standing and bearing the pain. But then my mistress forgave me and allowed me licking her. I did my best and luckily in the end had some fucking moisture streaming from the very depths of her vagina down my throat.
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Tuesday, November 28, 2006

InFemDom brings you the new meaning of breathtaking female domination

Nothing brings more delight than offering your totally naked and restrained body for complete control and pleasure of the Mistress you obey and adore. Her strong yet feminine and tender fingers travel all over me, squeezing my tits, making me shiver with excitement. This time she mummified me with a transparent wrap and cut holes in it to gain access to my tits and ass – for feeling those up and spanking, obviously...
Wrapped nakedness Wrapped nakedness
Let's begin the educational work with these 2 glib sluts. We'll humble them over and over. They will feel themselves no more than some worn out whores.
My mistress was sure on fire today. Yes, I do realize that it's been a week since she last played her dirty sadistic games with me, but honestly I never saw her getting this wild with me before. She used to be just a little bit tender earlier, but today it was all about domination and pain.

Saturday, November 25, 2006

Caressed with feet and waxed

Welcome to "Strapon-Fucked Slavegirls"! If you like to see beautiful slave girls punished, humiliated and fucked by their perverted lesbian mistresses, you've come to the right type of site. These slave girls are hot and eager to please, but not always in the ways that their dominas have prepared for them... They get chained, their nipples and pussy lips clamped and played with, and finally they get fucked from behind with nice big strap-ons. Enjoy the show and visit for the highest quality lesbian bdsm pics and videos featuring the most attractive and naughty models
Toys for delight Toys for delight
Looks like one of the slave girls complained that she had her nipple aching. Well, I guess we should practice more with her nipples+And furthermore with her dirty vagina. Let's check how flexible it as. As for the 2nd girls - we really have doubts about flexibility of her anus.
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Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Cuntal lips stretching

Cuntal lips stretching Cuntal lips stretching
Let's see how enduring this bitch is during this execution. First I'll warm her tits up with the whip and shortly after I'll start executing her genitals.
Enslaved lesbians following every mistress’ command

Sunday, November 19, 2006

Endurance Test here

Endurance Test here Endurance Test here
You can see the things I've done to her here, but surely you can't even imagine the sensations this slut is having during this trial. Sticky rubber she's twisted with to the device does not only make it impossible for her to move, but also pinches at her skin roughly. And the sweat she has streaming under the rubber makes her wanna scratch. Alright, I'll help her to forget about this torturing by thrusting something solid deep into her vagina
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Saturday, November 18, 2006

Perverted Fantasy

Perverted Fantasy Perverted Fantasy
Whenever you have the bottom one tied up and totally at your disposal, it's so fucking great! And imagine if I have 2 slaves at my disposal+2 lovely tender girls, so trustful and open-hearted. They can't even imagine what is going to happen to them any second+
Extreme punishment
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Friday, November 17, 2006


Medical Medical
Today I'm getting pleasure from my tender pedestal. They once asked me what the name of this feet-pedestal was. Surely these people are strange. After all, I don't ask the names of their arm-chairs and hall rugs. And the fact that my feet-pedestal has a head+well, it is really comfortable cause the easiest thing to do is to fasten a strapon to it and to get some pleasure. It has a mouth, a tongue and I sure like to enjoy it. And name doesn't matter at all.
Shut up and obey your Muster! Oh, I'm sorry - your Mistress. Extreme and brutal, these bitches know what is pain.

Tuesday, November 14, 2006


crazy fantasies crazy fantasies
I'm sure a naughty dreamer. You'll enjoy watching my creative work. 2 bottoms at my disposal do get me pretty horny and crazy fantasies start going into my head. I want to fetter them, weigh their tits down, stuff their ass cracks and pussies with all possible tools+with everything that goes in and out of their moist cracks.
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My Orgasm!

My Orgasm! My Orgasm!
Today I'm in an excellent mood. I want some delight and sex. The bottom mermaid grants me incredible satisfaction with her licking my boots. And imagine how delighted I'm when there's also some sex during this nasty affair
Mistress is always right

Bottom Mermaid

Bottom Mermaid Bottom Mermaid
She's as white as my towel is. Do you want to see the spanking marks on her gracious body? And what about the marks from some boiling wax? Clothes pegs marking? I want to see it all and surely I'll be most satisfied to play with this girl.
Frantic female domination action

Sunday, November 12, 2006

Training and durability testing goes on

Training and durability testing goes on Training and durability testing goes on
I just love to show what I'm doing here. It's my hobby, my delightful pleasure. I hope you like what you see here and get pretty excited at the sight of this frenzy here because I'm the one who gets extremely horny and excited during this mess.
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The independence sensation

Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Mean pussy torture

Mean pussy torture Mean pussy torture
Love that feeling when you are unable to move, and your tender intimacy is totally exposed for the nastiest desires of your mistress? I absolutely love it, too Your meaty lips look as if they were made for all the steel jaws I got for you. And that hole is eager to accept the dildo, too. I feel you're on fire, some lashing will cool you down for more fun in the end...
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Friday, November 03, 2006

Spread up and tortured

Femdom Femdom
Feeling all right in this cage, with your hands and feet fastened? My sweet beauty, I will make you feel a hundred times more wonderful I love feeling your trembling flesh as steel clamps take control over your rosebud. Now your gate looks ready to accept my big, big guest. Take this, you young bitch, and don't forget who's the master here Some flogging will do you good, that's for sure.
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Thursday, November 02, 2006

Bride fixed and fucked

Cruel FemDom Bitch Cruel FemDom Bitch
In this white lingerie you look like a punished bride, gagged and locked in a cage by some perverted minds. I’ll set you free, my dear, but you'll have to pay for that. You better get used to this rack, babe, as you'll have to stay on it for long. You don't mind having your legs and arms fixed, do you? Now all your holes are within my easy reach, and I have lots of ideas how to use them!
Cruel FemDom Bitch

Beauty confined and tortured

My radiant beauty against her submissive sweetness. My power against her weakness. I am the master, and I put her into this cage, having stripped her from that grey dress. Make yourself comfortable, my darling, as you will now have to turn into a helpless doll. I'm always amazed at the effectiveness of the combination of clamps for nipples and lips, a big dildo working its way inside and a stick for lashing. It will make any slave scream out!
The mistress is always right no matter hot stupid and naughty her actions might be. The era of punishment and frenzied Sexual torments for this unreasoned misdeed has begun!

Caged and tortured

Caged and tortured Caged and tortured
Feeling comfortable in this cage, honey? Your mistress comes to bring you even more comfort. Sexy, pleasing comfort that is You can hardly move your les, what a nice chance to thrust that huge dildo in your defenseless rose. With your body warmed up a bit, I'll just cover your entire sweet back with burning brown wax.
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My caged slave girl

My caged slave girl My caged slave girl
I can feel her limbs shaking as I approach the cage. She knows she's totally in my power. And I can do anything I control her like a master controls a slave. But I know she's addicted to pleasure from me. Just look how she enjoys when my cold fingers and then cold steel in my hands touch her intimacy. She groans as I penetrate her, and she can only imagine how many tools are left in my arsenal, waiting for her.
Female domination was always the sight to see with eyes wide open, but this hardcore action was the one not to forget for the rest of the days.